Thursday, February 3, 2011

First accident at the AACC

Well last night i had my first little accident. I cut myself with a big knife!!
This is the inside of the tissue that was around my finger so blood didnt go everywhere.

This is the outside of the tissue... its safe to say that tissue didnt do its job, i had a puddle of blood on the hand holding the tissue to my finger.
After realising the blood wasnt stopping i went down to the duty officer and got some help. He wasnt qualified to stich me up so this was what i got.

This is the cut this morning when i pulled all the shit off it and realised it was still bleeding but not as much. Its dosnt look that bad here but through the day my finger went numb, but just the end of it. I discribed it to the ambo people as, " you know when your really drunk and your face goes numb... yea its like that!".

This is my finger now, through the day the skin had  kinda peeled back abit, so all the red isnt blood its just the wound... so yes, very exiting =) 


  1. Naw, Emelia this blog post is perfect!!! I love your description of everything!!!
    So the Ambos didn't think it warranted stitching then?
    Love the photos too!! Great job, brings a big smile to my face!!! haha....
    Sorry about the finger though! :(

  2. dear oh dear Emelia, Playing with knives is very unsafe. When I was in the Air Force, I was cutting some vynal for a pilot seat. There was about 4 layers and I was using a very sharp knife. I packed the shits with it and cut up towards the hand that was holding the ruler, a steel one. The knife slipped and cut my right hand index finger. I ended up at Medical section and received 9 stitches. i still have a bit of the scar. See? Knives are very dangerous if not handled properly. I love the story about your accident tho. Very well expressed, especially how your face feels when drunk. Keep up with the tales. Ich leiba dich. x

  3. Come on!! We need more blog posts and photos!

  4. Thank God your finger got better, but too much leeding.

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