Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Armidale Rodeo

On the 20 th and 21st of november was the armidale rodeo. I tell you what bloody cold when the sun isn't out!! jesse road in the under 18 steer ride wich he came about 7th in and on the sunday he went in the under 21 bull ride and the under 18 steer ride. He went very well in the bull ride he came 4th i was very proud of him =)

This isnt jesse's bullride this is jeremy, jesse's cuz. He didnt win anything.

thourght i would also add inverell rodeo to this post. I wish i started this blog up earlier!!

this is jesse's bullride also i got some photos here for ya's.

and here jesse is getting absolutly smashed by this nastey bull!

And here is a video of a mate of mine barrel racing.

Muswellbrook Rodeo
while driving jesse down to this rodeo i got booked for speeding, i tell you what not happy =(.
Only have my P's for 3WEEKS!!!

Anyway here are some pic's from muswellbrook rodeo.
Ok i looked for photos of jesse but there wasnt any =(, so i just put some of randoms, i thourght that will do.


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