Thursday, November 25, 2010

exitement on solo =)

well today after watching the movie flicka i got inspired to go for a ride on solo... plus the poor fulla needs it his so fat!! actually i have a picture of how fat he is!!

.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOOK AT THAT BELLY^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
but i did have fun riding him. He stopped when i told him to and went when i told him to, at one stage he was doing the most beautiful collected canter! i tell you what this fulla is a dessage horse. He is also starting to just randomly collect and he looks soo beautiful when he does.

Now with this video i was filming solo's shadow when he was cantering but it didnt really work right. When the camera goes off, that was when solo saw some cows and went nuts! stopped cars on the road nd everything, but then he made it up to me by being very good when a sports bike drove past.

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